Amber (Best Female Voice)

The 1st batch of updates includes RX4R, RX6R, G-RX6, and G-RX8.
The 2nd batch will include R-XSR, XM, XM Plus, RX8R Pro.
ReceiverAccess FW AvailabiltyDownload LinkLast Checked
xsr-simNot Available minutes ago
r9-mmNot Available
g-rx6ACCESS firmware available! years ago
rx6rACCESS firmware available! years ago
rx4rACCESS firmware available! years ago
r9-slim-plusNot Available
r9-miniNot Available
rx8r-proNot Available minutes ago
r9-slimNot Available
r-xsrACCESS firmware available! years ago
g-rx8ACCESS firmware available! years ago
r9Not Available
xsr-mNot Available minutes ago
xmrNot Available minutes ago
xsrNot Available minutes ago
s8rNot Available
rx8rNot Available minutes ago
s6rNot Available
x6rNot Available
xmACCESS firmware available! years ago
x8rNot Available
xm-plusACCESS firmware available! years ago
v8r7-iiNot Available
v8fr-iiNot Available
d8r-xpNot Available
d8r-ii-plusNot Available
tfr4sbNot Available
tfr8sbNot Available
tfr8sNot Available
tfrspNot Available
tfr6Not Available
tfr6mNot Available
tfr4Not Available
tfr4bNot Available
lr9Not Available
minima-8chNot Available
minima-4chNot Available
minima-5ch-microNot Available
delta-8Not Available
x4rNot Available
x4rsbNot Available
tfr6aNot Available
d4r-iiNot Available
vd5mNot Available
v8r4-iiNot Available